Simple DIY Printable Ornament Card for Your Dog

DIY papercraft printable

Simple DIY Printable Ornament Card for Your Dog


This simple and easy DIY papercraft project makes a beautiful gift card that doubles as an ornament for the Christmas tree or other holiday display. It's paw-fect for giving a gift to - or from! - your beautiful woofer.

All you'll need is:

  1. Regular white printer paper
  2. Coloured paper or cardstock
  3. A photo or printed picture of your dog
  4. Scissors, glue, and ideally a hole punch
  5. Washi tape, stickers or glitter to decorate

STEP 1: Download & Print the Templates

STEP 2: Cut Out the Templates

Take your scissors and cut out the ornament outside and inside. (A hole punch will help to make the hole at the top of the ornament!) Cut out the photo template circle, too. Using the circle, cut out your dog's photo.

STEP 3: Decorate

If you are going to apply washi tape or other decorations that you do not want overlapping the photo, now is the time. Turn the ornament over and apply your decorations to the side without the template printing. Clean up with any trimming needed.

STEP 4: Glue & Finish

Run a glue stick or paste around the ornament paper. Carefully center your dog's photo in the portrait hole and adhere the photo. Run glue over the both sides of the ornament, including the photo back, and place the white card interior so that the card inside and outside line up. Then fold it in half and leave it to dry for a few minutes; the weight of a book may help things to dry flat!

When your card is dry, you can do a final careful trim with your scissors to tidy any edges where the papers don't match perfectly. Then run a string through the ornament hole and write out your greeting. Our Woof Crew is giving each other gifts this year, and this one is from Tiny to his sister Honey:

To Honey:

Mom says I have to give this to you. I say you still have to share it with me. 


Tiny xoxox

Tiny may not be filled with the spirit of the season just yet, but Honey's got him covered - when Santapaws finally comes to visit, he'll be filled with treats!

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