Winter Cuppas with the Woof Crew

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Winter Cuppas with the Woof Crew

Several winters ago, I was shocked to come downstairs one morning during a stay with my Scottish mother-in-law to find her pouring a cup of tea (complete with a spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk) into the bowl of her waiting, wagging Alsatian.

I thought she was absolutely barking mad. 

But this winter, everyone at Woof Hampers HQ is pouring Woof & Brew tea for all the dogs on the Woof Crew. Because while sugar is not good for your dog, these amazing, all-natural herbal canine brews are. Rich in iron, iodine, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, our favourite Skin & Coat variety provides a nutritional support and a mega boost for healthy, glowing skin and coat.

How do you give a cuppa to your dog? We brew up this tea from the super-posh tea bags by adding 250ml (1 cup) of hot water and brewing for four minutes. Add 750ml (3 cups) of cool water and you have the perfect dog tea. You can serve this in place of your dog's water or pour it over their food cool or warmed. Or, like us, you can serve it up tea party style in a fancy teacup. 

The Woof Crew dogs seem to love it. All of them gobble it warmed up and poured over their dinners; four of them are excited to drink it straight from the bowl or cup. Our biggest tester, Tiny, isn't that keen on drinking it straight from a cup, but we suspect that's because he thinks tea parties are beneath him. 

Moral of the story: your mother (in-law) is always right.

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